Xbox 360 Elite Repairs

Broken Xbox? We are professionals at all Xbox 360 Elite repairs. Whether you have a stuck hard drive or the dreaded RLOD (Red Lights Of Death) . With going on 17 years of dedicated Xbox 360 repair services behind our belt. You can feel confident you will be back playing your favorite game in no time. All of our Xbox 360 Elite repair services start off with a thorough inspection of the system. With our top of the line equipment for running detail diagnostics. We are able to locate the root problem. Ensuring that your repair will last.

Backed by our 90 day warranty on all of our repairs. We are confident we can provide you with excellent service at a price below the manufacturer’s cost.

We can fix your Xbox 360 Elite in less than 24 Hours!

Xbox Elite Repair Console

xbox 360 Elite Repair

Fast Xbox 360 Elite Repair

  • 16 Years Experience
  • Best Repair Tracking
  • Dedicated Technicians
  • Highest Success Rate

Common Console Repairs

  • Rrod (Red Ring of Death)
  • XBox Locking or Freezing
  • Disc Drive Not Ejecting
  • Discs Not Reading
  • No Picture or Sound
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Step-By-Step Console Tracking

We know how frustrating it can be while your console is off for repairs. that's why we created our online customer area. As a customer you will be able to track your console through the entire repair process.

FREE Return Shipping

As a Thank You for choosing Video Game 911. Once we complete your xbox 360 Elite Repair. We ship your console back to you, and at no additional cost on completed orders. Saving You Money!

1-on-1 with Technician

Notification begins once we have received your console. You will have direct access to your technician through our customer area. Ask questions, get answers, more importantly stay informed.

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All of our completed repair orders come with a free analysis, utilizing top of the line equipment and technologies.

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Common xbox 360 Elite Repair Cost

Video Game System Troubleshooting Using our custom designed test bench diagnostics to quickly and accurately determine the issue with each and every system we receive. $19.99
XBox System Cleaning (including cleaning system internals and laser lens) $39.95
Repair XBox 360 DVD drive Please be notified that full replacement drives are rarely necessary since we actually repair the matched drive in the system. This keeps repair costs down and also with the drive matched and locked electronically to the motherboard, replacement drives are not normally required or recommended. Please don't be fooled by others who sell drives to replace in your system, you will learn the hard way that this is not a very good option, and thus we avoid costly drive replacements with all drive model repair parts in stock. As low as $42.95
Replace XBox 360 Slim transciever Dissasembly of the system, troubleshooting, and removal of the damaged remote transciever electronics. Repair or replacement as necessary with cleaning of the entire system included. $69.95
Replace XBox DVD-ROM Drive Original xbox DVD rom replacements are allowed and we offer this service to these model systems. $45.95
XBox 360 Red Ring Errors Commonly referred to as the Red Ring of DEATH, Red Lights of Death, RLOD, etc. are repaired using our advanced techniques. We perform necessary updates to increase stability, and add advanced cooling to your system for $79 and up depending on console condition, red light error code, and XBox 360 slim version. Some Red Ring errors are caused by accessory failure and in these cases repairs can be much less. as low as $39.95
XBox 360 System Repair Troubleshooting/cleaning rates are the same as the xbox however motherboard and DVD replacements require additional costs which also depend on the xbox 360 model. $26.95

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Upgrade To Total Protection – Limited Time Only $24.97

Reasons To Choose Total Protection

total protection

    • Prefit Shipping Box – protects your system
      • First we ship a perfect fit box including all shipping supplies needed to safely package your system. To ensure your system reaches us safe and without any additional damages that commonly occur during shipping.


    • Prepaid Shipping Label – just drop off your system
      • We include a prepaid shipping label. Making it easy to drop off your package for delivery to our trained technicians.


    • Free Phone Consultation – what need repair
      • You will receive a phone consultation with one of our technicians to discuss your individual system needs. Once analysis has been completed.


  • Free Return Shipping – means you save
    • Just like any repair order, we always provide free return shipping on all completed repairs.

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